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BHARAT PATTERN AND ENGINEERS is manufacturer and suppliers of spinning mill accessories like roll shop machine, Card room machinery, Carding conversion, and textile machinery spare parts of different makes of machine. The company is committed to produce quality products and assure all its customers return of investments in very short time. We are giving good news to spinning mills for automatic textiles machinery, Card servicing machine, Cot servicing machine, Baling Press, Carding Conversion, Carding Spares, Autocorner Spares, Drow Frame Spares and more Taxtile Products.

  Hydraulic Operated Cot Grinding Machine
Metallic Wire Mounting Machine
Liker-in Wire Mounting Machine
Multi Roller Wire Mounting Machine
Automatic Flat Clipping Machine
Flat Tops Removing Machine
Automatic Flat Grinding Machine
Flat End Milling Machine
Bare Cylinder Grinding Machine
Motorize Traverse Weel Grinding And Stripping Roller Machine
On  Card Flat Grinding Machine
Card Bend Grinding Machine
Pneumatic Operated Cot Mounting Machine For Ring Frame, Speed Frame & O.E.Cot
Manual Operated Cot Mounting Machine For Ring Frame, Speed Frame & O.E.Cot
Eccentricity & Tapper Tester Machine
Manual Operated Greasing Machine
Automatic Arbour Greasing Machine
Apron Doff Units
Table Callender Roller Unit
Carding Converter
Carding Conversion
Ultra Vilot Treatment Machine  
Manual Operated Fluted Roller Truning Machine
Hydraulic Operated Fulted Roller Truning Machine

Textile Machine Spares

Crosrol Carding Spares


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